Before you begin you must obtain your Institutional login (University Username and Password).

To do this you need your student reference number and date of birth. Your reference number should be in your welcome letter. If you have it proceed to and collect your username and password. Follow all the instructions carefully.

If you have not got your student reference number contact your course administration team. If you cannot obtain your username and password contact the University Service Desk +44 (0) 23 9284 7777.

Once you have this vital information you can go to Victory and register with the Body in the Library (for Distance Learners) course. For instructions on how to self-register for a Victory course, see this demonstration.

Please select from the links below to register:
Criminology students
Staff interested in using Body in the Library on their course

There's been a murder in the Library. There are clues everywhere, clues that provide a trail to the killer...

Following the trail won't only enable you to solve the crime, it will also provide you with the skills you'll need to track down all kinds of leads and evidence for your assignments.

Become an Information Detective, and you too could crack the code and decipher the mysteries of the Library.

Devised with inspiration from "Cluedo" by Paula Thompson and Linda Jones, University Library, in collaboration with the eLearning Centre, DCQE, University of Portsmouth (2009)